Singer, songwriter, lover of music and people. 

Growing up with music steeped in the traditions of gospel, country, bluegrass and blues, Becki has been singing since she was old enough to stand by her mamma’s side on the pulpit at church.

A published writer in short stories, poetry and songs, Becki is an accomplished musician who shares her soul through her voice.  Honest, raw and vulnerable, she bends notes to speak power to the truth of her lyrics. 

When life took her path away from music, Becki was blessed to be reunited and work under the tutelage of Bluegrass greats Raymond McLain and Ruth McLain Smith at Morehead State University where she had the opportunity to refine her craft. 

Having released her debut album, Three Mile Creek last year, Becki is excited to continue her work on her sophomore album to be released soon.  She’s enjoyed working with others in the studio and lends her harmony vocals on several other albums.